Transit/Train Propulsion Systems

NuEnergy Technologies has decades of experience in delivering sustainable energy systems to the transit industry and Dr. Guevara has serviced the passenger rail transit industry for the past twenty five years. In association with Amtrak, Bombardier and Alstom, he co-designed, manufactured and supplied the cabinet enclosed hybrid control system for Amtrak’s new Acela high speed locomotives and power cars.

The U.S. Federal Railroad Administration has a program to develop flywheel batteries for high-speed rail applications. Our “KINMO” storage system could be used to handle power leveling and storage applications and NuEnergy may be developing a generator for this application, with a continuous-power rating of 3 MW. This system fits in a cylinder less than 1.5 meters long and 0.75 meter in diameter.

A flywheel energy storage system for a high-speed passenger train with nine cars would store 470 MJ and would provide 2 MW of peak power. The power and energy requirements are set by the desired speed and the maximum weight of the train sets (drag). The flywheel is quite useful in power leveling for the turbine in grades; however, the primary design function is stopping and starting the train set at stations. This would also significantly reduce the voltage drop at the substations because the train would not be drawing such peak loads to overcome the train set inertia. The dynamic braking and acceleration train set system could also be used as regenerative power for the flywheel.

NuEnergy’s Thermal Electric Generator will be used to capture a significant portion of the waste heat from the induction motors, which is dissipated from under the passenger rail car train sets and converting this heat into electricity at a high efficiency rate. The “KINMO” flywheel appears to be the most synergistic and cost effective device to use for storing and using this recaptured energy.

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