Management & Key Personnel Biographies

Dr. Hector M Guevara, Founder, President, CEO & CTO

Dr. Guevara, an award winning scientist and distinguished corporate leader, has provided hundreds of energy solutions domestically and internationally, including the installment of the first White House solar system under President Jimmy Carter (1979). Today, his game-changing technologies and global humanitarian impact mission is mobilized through a dynamic executive leadership team and network of strategic global partners. With the aim of radically improving the environmental footprint and quality of life for children, families and communities for generations to come, Dr. Guevara has (and continues to) relentlessly create energy solutions that surpass industry standards; a “beyond best practice” approach to scientific exploration in the energy sector. Dr. Guevara is a patent and co-patent holder in various sustainable energy and propulsion technologies, and the recipient of various grants from NASA/SATOP, DOE (SBIR), UNICEF, and others.

Rolando Alcover, Vice President Latin American Markets

Mr. Alcover has over 30 years of experience in international sales & information management. Mr. Alcover has played key roles in the development, rollout, and management of numerous marketing campaigns for a variety of companies, including La Prensa from 1970-1981.  Mr. Alcover has been a leading member of the International Organization of Journalists since 1976. He worked as an editing journalist in Cuba for Tobacco International Magazine, during which time he became widely recognized throughout the Latin American markets. He was further distinguished as one of Cuba’s top journalists for his writings in the Cuban national newspapers.

Dr. Martha Jordan PhD
Sales and Marketing Director for Latin American Markets
NuEnergy Technologies Corp. Colombia

Dr. Jordan is a professional who has ventured into the international market in the last 23 years with great success. She has demonstrated her achievements in large companies where she has served: As BHP Billiton Company in England in the opening of mineral markets in Latin America, specifically in Chile. Also for North American companies like BenchMark at the opening of markets for all of Central America and South America to develop the commercial application and positioning of green technologies for self-sustaining housing. Dr Jordan also has occupying a strategic position with great success in the company Intenergy Panamerican in South America markets.Dr. Jordan has been Latin America Presidential Adviser in the energy field as colombian President Alvaro Uribe, President of Panama Ricardo Marinelli, President Chavez of Venezuela, and President Danilo Medina Dominican Republic. Dr. Jordan collaborated in the implementation and reinforced the application of renewable energies in Colombia such as solar photovoltaic, gasification, use of bio mass and pellets and the only center in South America Implemented polygeneration in the department of La Guajira. She also collaborate on improving processes Bio Diesel plant installed in Mutata Antioquia Colombia. These processes have improved the quality of life of a large part of the Colombian population. This project implementation was under the endorsement of President Alvaro Uribe and Supervision and direction of IPSE under representation of his Director Dr. Perez Edigson.

Yoleise Salomon, Legal Officer for Latin America

Ms. Salomon holds her legal degree from Havana University, La Havana, Cuba. She later received certification by IEC Josef Silny & Associates, became a registered notary for the state of Florida, and serves as a paralegal when residing in the US. Her legal background and skillset are not only rare for a US company to have on-staff, but also afford a tremendous advantage to NuET in conducting business in all Latin American markets. Ms. Salomon’s excellent legal reputation in Latin America is augmented by her significant experience in transactional management. Her previous experience as a Radio and TV commentator have given her a certain amount of popular recognition and additional credibility when practicing on behalf of NuET in Latin America.

Kimberly M. Wood, Senior Grant Writer

Ms. Wood has several years of experience in writing successful grants and investment proposals. She has prior experience in automotive assembly tool design and engineering, with knowledge of various phases from inception to production for manufacturing facilities, and was the follow-up engineer on 1986 Cadillac Stretch Limousine and Respot Weld Line at GMAD Orion Plant. At Delphi Energy & Chassis, she dealt with cash-to-conversion for new data management software. The absolute attention to detail that her training and experience have formed give Ms. Wood exceptional capabilities in administering and effecting the NuET grant campaign to extend its R&D.

Legal Counsel & Other Contracted Operational Expertise

Jackson Morris, SEC Attorney

Mr. Morris has 43 years of legal experience. He was Senior Branch Attorney, Division of Corporation Finance for the Securities and Exchange Commission before entering private practice. He is an expert in SEC compliance, Rule 144 opinions, corporate structure, closely held business law, buying and selling of business, joint ventures. He also provides general counsel to NuEnergy.

Robert E. Fletcher, Corporate and Bank Financing Matters, SEC Compliance

Mr. Fletcher has been practicing law for 24 years, with active practice in New York, Texas, Florida, and New Jersey. He focuses on business development, compliance, and state and federal financing matters.

John Tutunjian, Intellectual Property & Patent Law

Mr. Tutunjian specializes in Intellectual Property, with a primary focus on domestic and foreign Patent and Trademark prosecution and Patent and Trademark disputes. He has over 19 years’ experience in litigation matters, clearance opinions, brand development and enforcement, and the management and maintenance of worldwide Intellectual Property portfolios. Before practicing law, Mr. Tutunjian was an electrical engineer, which makes him even more effective in assisting NuEnergy protect its innovations.

Doug Tobin, Senior Consulting Engineer & Architect (LEED AP)

Mr. Tobin has developed over US $2.5 billion worth of projects within the U.S. and internationally on commercial and industrial projects. He has vast experience in airport master planning & design, baggage handling systems design and engineering, building and facility architecture, electrical, fire-protection, HVAC, structural engineering, and building interface architecture and engineering.  Mr. Tobin has provided technical, architecture and engineering services for major and global companies throughout the world.

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