About NuEnergy

NuEnergy Technologies Corp. (NuET or NuEnergy) is engaged in the development, marketing and deployment of renewable energy products and services through two separate but closely related business units.

NuEnergy Research and Product Development Division is a developer of high-efficiency thermal (heat-generated) solar panels, non-propeller driven wind turbine systems, and non-battery-based flywheel energy storage systems. Our products far exceed the efficiencies in the solar and wind energy products currently on the market.

Our diverse product line and extensive cross-industry experience allows us to offer powerful hybrid solutions to our clients. Our consulting services, feasibility studies and project evaluations are not constrained by having a vested interest in any one stand-alone solution.

Today’s wind turbines are costly to produce and deploy, require a high annual average wind speed, kill migratory birds, are quite loud, and throw off oil and ice. Today’s photovoltaic panels (producing voltage when exposed to light) are costly to produce and inefficient in converting that light to electricity. Today’s batteries are toxic, cannot hold much of a load, are bulky, and have a short lifespan.

NuEnergy’s“Heatseeker3: A Thermal Electric Generator”, the MagLev Wind Turbine, and “The KINMO™ Storage System” will solve these industry problems. Our technology solutions have lower production costs and increased efficiencies, which will facilitate better pricing throughout the distribution channels.

NuEnergy Services Division provides a broad range of “clean energy” consulting services to companies that currently have or desire to start renewable energy projects.

NuEnergy delivers consulting services in the form of project evaluation, planning, asset transactions, project and operational management, power supply procurement, power supply planning, project development including feasibility studies and independent engineering.

We are uniquely qualified to enter the Latin market as providers and consultants to U.S. and foreign corporations and developers seeking to deploy clean energy systems in Latin countries.

NuEnergy was founded by Hector Guevara, Ph.D. after having run two successful design/engineering firms. Dr. Guevara installed the solar system in the White House in 1979 and is well known as a visionary and scientist, engineer and businessman, and has been a leader in renewable energy project and technology innovation for over three decades.

It is our mission to contribute to projects that reduce our dependence on fossil fuel. We are engaged in humanitarian projects, which utilize clean energy systems to help emerging nations facilitate the simple tasks of feeding their people and keeping themselves productive.

If you like to know more about our company and products or services, please  contact us for more information.