(Note: NuEnergy has suspended its work on Grant Research and Writing till it completes the independent testing and certification of its Thermal Electric Generator (HeatSeeker3))

NuEnergy Technologies has launched a series of new service programs designed to help you get started with your renewable energy project. With the increasing federal funding for clean energy projects, there is the potential of federal as well as state money available for many types of projects.

In a very short period of time we have located a myriad of grant opportunities for projects, from product development to use of certain types of lands (for example Indian reservations). In most cases our clients didn’t know the grants existed and didn’t know where to find them, or were looking in only limited places. In other cases they knew the grants existed but didn’t have the staff or expertise to carry forward an application.

NuEnergy has put together a team that can in a short time period find grants that may apply to your project. There is of course no guarantee that these will cover your project but why not do a thorough search and apply? Other than grants there are other government incentives, loans that are specifically provided to support clean energy projects, and private capital sources.

In short, we will evaluate your project and do an exhaustive search, and offer you our help in making your application.