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We provide a broad range of “green energy” consulting services, grant writing, and feasibility studies to business and government entities exploring the application of renewable energy technologies to their operations. Additionally, NuEnergy offers systems integration and value-added engineering services in a variety of situations.


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Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father’s Cuban legacy, Hector Guevara is a recognized pioneer, engineer and contributing scientist in the renewable energy industry. Hector has been diligently promoting and executing some of this world’s most publicized and viewed sustainable energy projects, technologies, and products, such as the 32 panel thermal solar system his company installed in the White House in 1979, during the Presidency of Jimmy Carter. Hector continues designing and creating game-changing, disruptive energy conversion, transfer and proprietary energy production technologies.

Recognizing the need for innovative diverse solutions, NuEnergy now offers a pipeline of some of the world’s most advanced solar, wind, waste-to-energy, energy farming, sustainable housing, and water and transportation solutions! Through NuEnergy Technologies Company, Hector Guevara’s award winning achievements are now helping people and our planet reduce costs, environmental impacts and dependence on burning fossil fuels. We sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

HeatSeeker3 – a Thermal Electric Generator


The Heatseeker3 is a revolutionary product that converts thermal energy (heat) into electrical energy. HeatSeeker3 will be more efficient, less costly and have more applications than the high-end photovoltaic (PV) products currently on the market.

Unlike traditional PV products that require light, Heatseeker3 can work in the light or dark, requiring only a conductive, convective or radiant heat source.

  • Product efficiency is determined by how much of the available resource (heat or light) is converted to energy. A HeatSeeker3 solar panel would achieve an efficiency of 50% as compared to the 16% (+) efficiency of a current high-end photovoltaic panels.
  • HeatSeeker3 can take advantage of what is now the wasted burden of excess heat capacity such as is created beneath moving mass transit subway cars, or by furnaces and other heat producing equipment in industrial plants. PV products do not use heat to generate energy; in fact, heat is the predominant factor for PV’s low conversion efficiency.


Boundary Layer Turbine

Estimates for the Mark III BLT pump project up to 400 CFM at up to 5 psi with efficiencies exceeding 70%

HeatSeeker 3

A HeatSeeker3 solar panel would achieve an efficiency of 50% as compared to the 16% (+) efficiency of most current photovoltaic panels.

MagLev Wind Turbine

One 1 GW Maglev Wind Power Plant may power 750,000 houses as compared to 500,000 houses powered by conventional power plants