Product Development

The NuEnergy Products Division develops and manufactures sustainable energy systems. The Company has an extensive portfolio of innovative and complementary renewable energy technologies that, either individually or collectively, provide a wide range of power solutions. NuEnergy owns valuable intellectual property rights in energy generating, storage, and transfer technologies.

The Company is actively engaged in joint ventures and holds licenses for other renewable energy and water treatment technologies.

NuEnergy products include: (click on each of the icons below for more information)



A flywheel energy storage system that converts electrical energy into mechanical motion (kinetic energy) and, when necessary, converts that motion back to electrical energy. This product is available now and will replace lead battery solutions and increase the efficiency of other energy storage solutions



A revolutionary proprietary Thermal Energy Generator that converts heat to energy. Current photovoltaic panels convert sunlight to energy. Based upon analysis and bench testing of prototypes, TEG will be far more efficient, far less costly and have more applications than high-end PV products currently on the market.


Boundary Layer Turbine

A commercial scaled design of a turbine. Being developed as part of a strategic alliance and with the aid of a NASA sponsored Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program grant, the first prototype demonstrated an operating efficiency 40% greater than standard turbines. Commercialization is underway, with expectations that the increased efficiency will be brought to market at less cost and a smaller footprint than standard turbines.


A First Generation Alkaline Hydrogen Fuel Cell

As part of a strategic alliance with Apollo Energy, NuEnergy offers an alkaline hydrogen fuel cell that uses ammonia and a catalytic converter to produce hydrogen. This product is available now.


A Second Generation Alkaline Hydrogen Fuel Cell

As part of a growing strategic alliance, an advanced fuel cell that eliminates the need for the ammonia and the catalytic converter. This new design will dramatically increase the potential fuel cell applications.


The Trilogy Water Treatment Product

A proprietary combination of three proven water treatment technologies capable of addressing significant industrial water contamination issues. While this is a product, each individual component has already been successfully tested; the remaining issue is the precise nature of product packaging.