People of Cuba

The Washington Times, (7/2000) Editorial Section, by Antonio Benedi. (Benedi serves on the board of directors of the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty.) The people of Cuba have a long history of respect and support for the United States . Cubans, as a people, helped raise much-needed funds for the Revolutionary Army of George … Continue reading People of Cuba

NuET’s 2009 Earth Day Wake UP Call

Héctor M. Guevara, PhD., President, NuEnergy Technologies Written on Earth Day 2009 On June 29, 1979, I was standing on the roof of the West Wing of the White House speaking with Senator Bill Bradley and gazing at the 32 panel thermal (heat) solar system which my company, Alternate Energy Industries, had just installed. We … Continue reading NuET’s 2009 Earth Day Wake UP Call

Cuba and George Washington

On this 4th of July I would like to share a subject sent to me by my good friend Rosario Moreno, which is a copy of the historical write up she prepared on Cuba’s mothers having risen to the occasion when General George Washington was in dire financial straights and needed the funds to support … Continue reading Cuba and George Washington

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