Cuba and George Washington

On this 4th of July I would like to share a subject sent to me by my good friend Rosario Moreno, which is a copy of the historical write up she prepared on Cuba’s mothers having risen to the occasion when General George Washington was in dire financial straights and needed the funds to support his mercenaries and the group of fighters which later became known as the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.

Not many people know of this historical account of Cuba’s participation in the American Revolution. As you may know approximately 100 years after this experience of Cuba’s support for the American Revolution, Cuba was struggling with its own fight for freedom and independence from Spain. The United States then, rightfully so, provided the support which Cuba needed to break the yoke of tyranny and suppression from Spain, which then brought about Cuba’s inalienable right to self govern its nation.

Not many people know that it was my great, great, grandfather, Francisco Vicente Aguilera, along with Miguel De Aldama, and Jose Marti, that came to United States to do the same thing which General George Washington had done 100 years prior. That is, to raise funds for the fight for Freedom and Independence in Cuba.

We, Cuban/Americans, succeeded in our quest. Regrettably, after the past 51 years of confusion, turmoil, social/political unrest, and whatever other names one may care to adopt or place on the Cuban “experience”, we are not a free people.

It is my most fervent hope and purpose to help provide in some way an enlightenment and path to secure the blessings of liberty and freedom which we all aspire to have and share between ourselves, and leave for our children and our children’s children…

May we all be blessed with the enlightenment necessary to bring this about.

Hector M. Guevara, Ph.D.
President NuEnergy Technologies 866.895-6838 X101

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